Conakry – Guinea voted. Despite several episodes of violence that claimed at least two victims, consultations for the legislative elections and the constitutional referendum took place regularly. As far as we know, about 65% of the population would have voted.

Yesterday and Saturday, numerous acts of violence and intemperance took place in several parts of the country, managed by the forces of law and order and promptly communicated to the public, but overall everything went as planned, with a turnout that, given the climate of tension caused by the government opposition, is considered more than satisfactory.

The result of the constitutional referendum will come in the course of the day, but, in government circles, there is a climate of great confidence about its approval. Even before the vote there was in fact a clear feeling that the Guinean people had every intention of approving constitutional reforms that on the one hand lengthen the longevity of the Presidency of the Republic but on the other also implement a series of reforms that modernize the regulatory apparatus and above all the social system as a whole.

Yesterday, as we said, ended positively but there were several occasions on which the forces of law and order had to intervene to quell violent actions and, in some cases, real terrorist attacks with the sole intention of preventing the vote.

Late yesterday evening in Conakry, the Ministry of Security issued a press release in which it meticulously reconstructed all the violent actions that took place in the country, recalling, among other things, that at the end of the day nine USSEL agents, the national security forces, including seven police officers, were seriously injured and hospitalised in the military hospital at Camp Samory and in a clinic in N’Zérékoré.

Acts of violence and clashes between activists, as we were saying, unfortunately caused the deaths of two people in Conakry. The murderer of one of the victims has been arrested. On Saturday, shots were fired with hunting weapons in Tougué. Again, the perpetrators were arrested.  Uncivilized acts and violence all aimed at preventing the vote took place not only in the capital but in several parts of the country. In Ratoma, for example, two seats were attacked with 12-gauge rifles and six peaceful citizens who came to do their civic duty were injured, two of them seriously. One of the attackers was arrested and his weapon confiscated.

(Associated Medias)